Weight Loss Wednesday – Some Days Are Better Than Others

Weight Loss Wednesday - yoursassyself.comAs you know, I’ve been trying to reach my weight loss goals, since I started this blog, via intuitive eating.  It’s been working, but some days have totally been better than others, which is why when I ran across the Flexitarian way of life, I thought it would be a nice boost to what I was already doing.  So far I’ve lost weight and kept it off, however this week I have noticed that only offering my body fruits, veggies and grains before 6pm just isn’t cutting it any more…so what did I decide to do?

As a good intuitive eater I’m listening to my body and giving it what it wants, but as usual, I am not allowing myself to eat out of bags/boxes/or any kind of containers.  Instead I serve myself an amount considered to be a serving and try to take time out to savor each bite, while trying to constantly tune into my hunger and fullness levels.  While I haven’t lost any weight this week, I have managed to maintain my weight loss, which I will totally take.  😉

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Does this mean I’ve given up on the Flexitarian way of life?  No, it just means it’s on pause until my body says it’s ready for it again.  That’s the beauty of not following a regimented diet plan.  I get to constantly adjust my approach to food in an effort to create an ongoing, manageable relationship that will hopefully stay through out my life.  😀

Ban on fast foodAs a past dieter, I know that being told when to eat and what & what not to eat only left me thinking about food all day long.  Now that I’m less worried about those things and starting to slowly see food a fuel vs. something that brings me comfort, I find that I no longer think about food 24/7, which is huge for me.  I truly never thought I’d see the day, but this week it dawned on me that I no longer do that and I’m so happy.  And yes, some days will continue to be better than others, but its good to know that change is coming, slowly but surely.   😀

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What is your current relationship with food?  What is working for you this week in your weight loss/weight management goals?

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