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My Toning Obesession

Since intuitive eating is my mode for weight loss and weight management, the scale isn’t necessarily a fast moving way to tell whether weight loss or weight management goals have been achieved.  As a result, I not only rely on the scale to keep me honest, but I allow the mirror and a tape measure to also be helpful guides in showing whether some parts are getting less toned than they used to be. 😉

While I love to exercise, I have to confess that I have not been necessarily moved to action by my gym classes lately.  (I hope to switch to a new gym toward the end of the month.)  I have also been super busy these last couple of weeks and have skipped out on several of my classes.  As a result, I’ve found myself searching for some new ways to work in exercise during my normal everyday life.  Since I, like most of America, spend most of my day at work, I decided to revisit what fun exercises I could do while sitting at my desk.

I already take a daily 20-30 minute walk during my lunch break, but I have now also added taking the stairs and these simple, but effective office/desk exercises from SparkPeople.com.

While I haven’t been doing them long enough to see the actual toning taking place, I have done them long enough to be sore after, so I know they must be working. 😉

How do you work in exercise into your daily routine?  What do you do to keep your work out routine fresh and inviting?

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    • Yay, you for running Lisa. My knees are not the best, but I definitely try my best to move as much as possible as many times as I can 🙂

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