Whataburger #DaleKick Bloguero Mixer Recap

Disclosure:  This is part of a compensated food campaign with Hahn Public Communications and Whataburger. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

DaleKickWhataburger-yoursassyself.comA couple of posts back I mentioned I was honored to have been invited to a tasting event and what an event it was.  Whataburger, our tasting organizer, did more than just meet my expectations, they surpassed them.  Not only were all the Bloguero mixer attendees introduced to the newest addition to their All Time Favorites Menu – The Monterey Melt (made with two kinds of cheeses, grilled onions and peppers, and jalapeño ranch sauce) – but we were also treated to another burger of our choosing, their yummy fries, tasty onion rings and all the fancy ketchup we could carry…heaven   😀

As we waited for our tasty treats to be made ( yes we waited – Whataburger is a fast food restaurant but their treats are always made to order when you show up, not before – even for non Blogueros 😉 ), I was happy to be able to mix and mingle with my fellow Blogueros and learn some interesting tid bits about Whataburger along the way.

MontereyMeltWhataburger-yoursassyself.comOnce the food started to come out however, everything went silent as we took in all the yumminess.    My first bite was warm and cheesy, with the nicest hint of the creamy jalapeno ranch sauce, grilled onions and peppers.  I was surprised that it wasn’t at all overwhelming, but instead just added to the beefy flavor and the best burger buns in the fast food game.  Have I mentioned my love for everything Whataburger, from their burgers, to their chicken tenders to their crispy fries and the fact that I learned that they can make your burger 36,864 different ways?

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Growing up in Texas, Whataburger has become my go to treat because although they’re a fast food restaurant, I don’t consider their food to be because as I noted above, it’s all made to order, hot and oh so delicioso.   😛 It’s no wonder that I’m not the only fan, so are many others, including non-native Texans.  Once, I was flying home to San Antonio and heard a group of four fellow travelers ask the flight attendant if they knew where the nearest Whataburger was.  I chuckled and shared what I thought might be their nearest location.  They thanked me and said the last time they were in Texas they fell in love with Whataburger and now they want to make it a point to stop there any time they’re in town.    I’m not quite sure where they were from, but by attending the Bloguero mixer I realized that Whataburger is no longer just a Texas thing, they’re everywhere now (well 10 states really, but that beats just one…sorry about ya other 40 states 😉  ).

All in all it was a great night filled with great company and fabulous food!  How could anyone want more?  Gracias for the good time Whataburger!!


Whataburger wants you to experience the Monterey Melt just like I did, so they’ve provided me with four coupons for a FREE Monterey Melt with purchase.  The first four to leave a comment below get one!

Happy Eating!.  😀


What favorite toppings do you like on your Whataburger?

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