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NoWhiteFoods-yoursassyself.comIf you’ve been following along you know that I’m always on the search to find just the right food combinations to work for me.  In my quest toward making healthier food choices and making the switch to clean eating, I stumbled upon several options -Whole 30, Paleo and one thing was constant.  White foods were basically a no no and if you look at Whole 30, so was wheat, so I decided to take the no white foods a step further.  I am not only placing a ban on white foods for a month, but I’m also placing a ban on wheat.  What this means to me is no bread, tortillas, crackers, pasta or sugar of any kind.

After being a week in I have rediscovered food.  I also realized that although I was eating fruits and vegetables on the daily, I wasn’t eating nearly enough veggies.  I was relying more on bread, tortillas and crackers to fill me and not so much on protein and vegetables.  Now, all my meals start with a hardy helping a veggies, with a well proportioned protein option.  And low and behold, my cravings have basically gone away and I leave every meal feeling satisfied, not overly full and bloated like I did before.

FishVeggies-yoursassyself.comThe other added bonus is that my boyfriend (BF) has jumped on board and is eating more vegetables than he has ever before.  While he isn’t quite making the full food ban I am, he’s been respectful in keeping his sugary snacks out of the house and enjoying my healthy dinner offerings, which is all that I can ask for.

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As I go into week two I hope to be able to find other fabulous food combinations because child, I know I get bored easily, and to get better at my food preparation, because in order to stay on top of my food shift, I need to stay ahead of my food cravings.  I also know that I’m going to have a dinner deviation this week because I’m attending a tasting event that I just couldn’t turn down, but I know I will be ok because my body has reacted so positively to real food.  Geez it’s a lot of work, but it makes total sense and has thus far left me feeling pretty healthy, which is all I can ask for.

What are your favorite no white food dishes?

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  1. Awesome, I have been on a low-carb diet since the new year & I have really adjusted to it and have altered lots of my daily meals to the diet. I did it for my Epilepsy, because I heard it was helpful. I found out the Ketogenic Diet is beneficial. All the best to you. I am here for you, if you need me.

    • Thanks so much Lisa, week 1 wasn’t as bad as a thought and week 2 seems to be starting out good, but I know I’ll need some good recipe ideas soon 😀

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