Wholesome Living Just Got Better With P3 Portable Protein Packs

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P3 #PortableProtein #MeatCheeseNuts #cbias #shop
P3 #PortableProtein snacks are made up of #MeatCheeseNuts and pack the protein punch needed #cbias #shop

I don’t know about you, but I’m currently having a love hate relationship with daylight savings time.  I love that it’s signaling all the outdoor fun to come, but my body has been finding it hard to wake up and head out in the mornings.  That’s why I’m happy that on my latest trip to WalMart, I was lucky enough to find these P3 Portable Protein Packs.

P3 #PortableProtein #MeatCheeseNuts #cbias #shop
Walmart has the P3 #MeatCheeseNuts #PortableProtein snacks needed to get you through the day #cbias #shop

As you know, I’ve been on the wholesome living track for a while now and life hasn’t been better!  The main thing that I’ve learned from wholesome living is that when it comes to eating, it all hinges on meal prep – of every meal – including snacks.   One of my go to snacks has been slices of deli meat with slices of cheese.  That does wonders to keep me going in the afternoons, but it takes time to separate the deli thin slices, slice pieces of cheese off the block and then pack them to go for the office,

P3 #PortableProtein #MeatCheeseNuts #cbias #shop
P3 #MeatCheeseNuts #PortableProtein snacks are great wholesome snacks to get you through the day #cbias #shop

the gym,

P3 #PortableProtein #MeatCheeseNuts #cbias #shop
P3 #MeatCheeseNuts #PortableProtein snacks are great wholesome snacks to get you through pre/post workouts #cbias #shop

or just when stepping outside to get centered, enjoy nature and bring myself back toward wholesome living.

P3 #PortableProtein #MeatCheeseNuts #cbias #shop
P3 #MeatCheeseNuts #PortableProtein snacks are a great addition to wholesome living #cbias #shop

Enter my new found discovery, the P3 #PortableProtein Packs, well proportioned packs with either peanuts or almonds, cheddar cheese and your choice of smoked turkey breast, applewood smoked ham, rotisserie seasoned chicken breast or slow roasted turkey breast -yum…and for only $1.00.  Yes, a $1.00!  And the added bonus, for those of us who are health and nutrition focused, is that each fab #MeatCheeseNuts pack contains 13-14g of protein.  Ding, ding, ding we have a winner.

A winner not only for me, but for my BF (boyfriend), who once he saw them when he came home from work and then saw the protein punch they each packed, he asked “Are those for me?”  He automatically wanted to abscond with them and started to list why he needed them all (pre/post workout, so he too doesn’t have to worry about packing his snacks, the list went on and on getting sillier and sillier – he really wanted them all).
P3 #PortableProtein #MeatCheeseNuts #cbias #shop
Needless to say my first batch of P3 Portable Protein Packs didn’t make it a full day in my house.  The next morning he took all the ones he could literally carry with him to work. I can only hope that they will be enough to last him the entire week, because knowing him, he’ll be sharing his new found snack with his co-workers.
P3 #PortableProtein #MeatCheeseNuts #cbias #shop
Personally, I took one from my stash and made myself a quick and easy, protein packed, deconstructed omelet.
P3 #ProteinPack #MeatCheeseNuts #cbias #shop
They’re so yummy and easy to carry that I know we’ll be purchasing more.  Thankfully, I know exactly where to find them at WalMart.
P3 #PortableProtein #MeatCheeseNuts #cbias #shop

What’s your favorite on the go protein snack?

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  1. I had never heard of the P3 protein packs, these are perfect for me and hubby who are always on the go . Love the deconstructed omelette idea. Awesome!

    • Thanks Paula! We’re loving this protein packed snack and I know you and your hubby will too! Enjoy!!

  2. I would probably end up making that omelet daily, I am a meat, cheese, and nuts, fanatic- you can never have enough protein when starting your day. #Client

    • I know, breakfast is my most favorite meal, sometimes I even have it for dinner 😉 This P3 #PortableProtein pack totally make the prep time that much easier. Enjoy!

    • Yes Pricilla, he’s been making food disappear in my house for a while. And as predicted, he ended up sharing them with guys at work, telling them they could return the favor by stocking up the next time they head to Walmart 😉

  3. Those would go pretty quickly in my house too! I’m sure my husband and daughter would have plenty of reasons why they would need to have them.

    • Yes Heather, they do go quickly, but at a $1.00 a pop, you can’t find a more wholesome snack and that I love. 😀

    • Yay, thanks Candy – that means a lot to me and I’m happy ya’ll love the P3 packs as much as we do!!

    • Yes our P3’s have been great! We use them as snacks several days out of the week. I just went back to get more 😀

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