Women Empower Each Other

Have you ever heard Girls Compete With One Another, Women Empower Each Other?

Girls compete with one another, women empower each other - yoursassyself.com quote

It’s definitely something I agree with 100% and try to live my life by.  It’s part of the reason I started this blog in 2012.  I knew that I, like countless others, have a story to tell.  And if even one of those stories was able to positively impact someone else’s life, then I was willing to put myself out there to help.

And so began my journey of empowerment, for myself, and anyone else willing to receive some insights into living your best life.  That’s the thing about handing out information about lessons learned. As both the giver and receiver, you have to be willing to let go of ego – which is filled with fear, the need to be right, and judgement – in order to receive what you’re meant to receive from it all.  Yes, even the wisest mentors/teachers know that you can always learn something new each day, which is why active listening plays a big part in creating strong, authentic relationships, which is what makes everything feel right with the world.


As someone who believes Everything happens for a reason and There’s enough for everyone, I know that competing to see who’s the prettiest, thinest, has the best job, or life, does nothing to guarantee happiness or fulfillment.  That all comes from within.  In fact, sometimes getting or not getting what you wished for can keep you from seeing and experiencing the better life waiting for you around the bend.

When one door closes, a better one opens - yoursassyself.com

As such, I intentionally seek out other like minded women to learn and grow with, both online and via networking events, mentorship opportunities, conferences, seminars, meetings, etc. And to date, I’ve been awed by everyone that’s crossed my path.  If you follow me on social media, you know I spent the latter part of last week in Long Beach, California attending the We All Grow Summit – the go-to professional conference for Latinas in the digital space.  And from day one I was met with open, giving, competition free powerhouses willing to share everything that’s made them a success, to help those of us in attendance become a success in our own right.  From health secrets, to acknowledging the internal beauty in everyone you meet, including the person you see staring back at you in the mirror, to growing your digital reach, nothing was off the table and it felt amazing to be in the presence of authentic human beings in a professional environment.

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While I can’t wait to share everything learned in future posts, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how wonderful women empowering each other felt.  Now I can truly say that I’ve found a way to surround myself by such women in my personal and professional life as well.  If you’re currently struggling with life (personal and/or professional) and find yourself surrounded by negative nancies, maybe it’s time to make a change and surround yourself with positivity.  I know I have, and life has never been sweeter.

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So put yourself out there, reach out to women you admire, let them know how they’ve impacted your life, and ask if they could possibly become a mentor to you. Attend that conference, meeting, or seminar you’ve always wanted to attend, and then share what you learn along the way with others. Create a safe space around yourself, free of ego, judgement, the need to be right, and the need to receive something in return. Hand out compliments, assistance, and knowledge without expecting anything in return and I promise, you’re inner most self, will be the better for it.

What have you and/or your mentors done to help bring empowerment into your life or that of other women?

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